Below are some resources that we have found helpful in our own family’s journey through suffering, trauma, and loss. 

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“God has used the ministry of Holy Yoga to bless my life in ways I could not imagine. When I was at my lowest and darkest time, when I lacked the words to even utter in prayers, God met me on my mat. He created this sacred space for me to just be still and feel His presence. This is where healing began for me, and it is my prayer that He will do the same for you.” -Jenna McKnight

You can find more info about Holy Yoga at  And stay tuned to Love Radically for some exciting news coming soon!

“The Lord has blessed me greatly through this book. Hope When It Hurts has allowed me to reframe how I look at my suffering and continually points me back to Scripture. It simultaneously convicts me and comforts me through God’s Truth. The authors of this book clearly know deep suffering and don’t shy away from the hard topics, yet always direct the reader to see through the lens of how the Lord is using our suffering for our good and His glory.”  -Jenna McKnight